Movement Mat

The exercise mat you have been waiting for! Developed by an experienced physiotherapist to meet your body’s needs.

It’s time to transform your exercise session!

  • Just the right thickness to provide padding & support for sore wrists, knees & backs
  • Not too spongy – no sinking in & reduce wobbles when challenging yourself to balance exercises
  • Excellent grip – no more slipping when doing downward dogs or planks
  • Top quality – no stretching or sliding when stepping into lunges or doing press ups
  • Highly durable – made to withstand daily use & regular cleaning

Introducing Animated Physio’s…

🌟Movement Mat! 🌟

Award nominated Animated Physio have developed a mat to allow you to transform your exercise session by providing comfort, grip, & support, to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of you!

“I’m in my 60s and this mat supported my aging wrists, elbows, knees and back during the pilates class. I didn’t slip about on the mat or lose my socks during some of the exercises either! Highly recommend this mat.” – Chrisaire

Does this sound familiar…?

Imagine standing on your mat, about to start your favourite exercise routine. You’re excited and motivated to have some time for yourself, and to move your body in a way that makes you feel the best version of yourself.

You’re loving your movement routine, you’re feeling empowered, the endorphins are rushing, but then those feelings start to fade away… this mat is really not comfortable and it’s ruining your experience! You try to carry on despite not feeling comfortable, and with that little frustration that your time for you, where you get to move in the way that makes your body feel great, is not as good as it could be!

You make it to the end of your session and feel less motivated to do it again – it really wasn’t as comfortable as it could be, and you would’ve mastered more of those challenging movements if only your grip on your mat was better too!

“Game changer! Buy this mat!! I’ve been through so many and they have been too thin, too slippery or too thick and spongy. At last I’ve found the perfect mat that resolves all these issues.” – Toni

What’s your movement mat story?

How many times have you felt the exercise session you’ve completed on your mat has not felt as good as it could because the mat you’re using didn’t feel quite right?

75% of people asked reported lack of comfort from their current mat provided a barrier to completing regular movement routines on it, and a huge 90% of people reported their mat did not provide sufficient grip when completing their movement routine.

Why do you love to move?  Is it because of how it calms your mind?  Because it makes you feel energised and happy?  Because it helps you release stress & tension?  Or because of the benefits you feel in your body?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like you’ve got the most out of your exercise routine?  To feel motivated to complete movement on your mat whenever works for you, and know you’re using a mat that feels supportive, comfortable, and provides you with the grip you need.

Getting the most enjoyment you can out of the exercise session that feels best for you, and having a comfortable, durable, and high-traction mat is the way to help with this, to help you on the road to feeling the best version of yourself!

“I love it, it’s so robust, doesn’t slip about on the floor or leave me sliding around!” – Emily

How did the Movement Mat come about?

Hello!  I’m Anna, founder of Animated Physio. 

Running my physio & Pilates business over the past few years, I was unable to find a mat for my classes that wasn’t too thick, too thin, too hard, too soft, too slippery, too spongy, or that lasted well with regular use.  As a physio-led business, the main issue I found my clients had was that they started my classes to help with reducing aches & pains.  But when they were given exercises & movements to complete, the mats we were using in the studio, and the mats they had at home were just not comfortable.  As if suffering with pain wasn’t already a big enough barrier when encouraging my clients to move more, they then couldn’t find a comfortable yet supportive mat to use once they had taken the steps to start!  

And so I decided to develop my own Movement Mat, to meet the needs of my clients.  But in doing so, I realised it would meet the needs of so many others completing their own regular movement routines.  And so I developed Animated Physios’ Movement Mat!  I believe after the time & work I put into developing it, that it’s the Goldilocks of mats, making it “just right”!  But don’t just take my word for it!

”The Movement Mat by Animated Physiotherapy is the DREAM mat! It stays exactly in place no matter what type of exercises you throw at it” – Lucy

Fantastic features

  • 10mm thickness to provide support & comfort for sore hips, knees, wrists and backs, but without being too soft & spongy
  • Super-grippy – no more slipping!
  • High quality, long lasting, extremely durable, wipe clean material
  • Midline marker to help you check your form when completing your movement
  • Dual-coloured so you can complete your movement on the purple or blue side

Don’t just take our word for it!

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