How to feel healthier: Improve your sleep

There are many benefits of getting good quality sleep including: Improved memory and concentration Improved mood Reduced blood pressure Increased energy Reduced risk of pains and injuries Improves blood sugar levels Improves your immune system Reduces weight gain How much […]

How to feel healthier

In the healthcare world, we believe there are several areas you should be focusing on to help keep you healthy. These are relaxation, sleep, what you eat, and being active. These areas all have some overlap – the more effective […]

Diastasis Recti

This is something we often get emailed about, and, from the questions we’ve had asked, it sounds like unfortunately information surrounding diastasis recti just isn’t readily available from your GP or health visitor.  In brief, diastasis recti is a hernia. […]

Why I think Pilates helps

As a physiotherapist, I know that I will never stop learning. When I did my degree (2006-09) I don’t remember learning much about persistent (also referred to as constant / chronic / long-standing) pain. It’s something I’ve learnt more about […]

Exercise & Fatigue

How to exercise when affected by a condition causing fatigue GRADED INCREASE IN ACTIVITY Try a structured exercise programme that aims to gradually increase the duration and frequency of an activity First you need to calculate your baseline: how long […]