Is bending bad for your back?

If you have back pain, you’re likely to find that certain movements will increase your pain or aggravate your symptoms. If bending aggravates your symptoms, you may be worried that bending is bad for your back. You might want to […]

Does bad posture cause back pain?

A lot of us have been sitting down more than ever before over the past year. This can mean sitting with rounded shoulders, hunched over a computer, or being on your phone more than ever.  Have these changes in activity […]

Settle Sciatica in 5 Steps

If you’re suffering with sciatica (pain originating from your back, which radiates down your leg and past your knee), there are things you can try to help settle it! 1. Try to keep active little and often Try avoid staying […]

6 Ways to Wellbeing in Lockdown

This week I’ve teamed up with Samantha Cutler from Whole Wellbeing Limited to bring you some top tips to help your wellbeing during lockdown: Be more mindful: try to be present in each part of your day.  When you’re working, […]