5 star review  I have thoroughly enjoyed Anna's Pilates classes. I have a knee injury and have seen a huge improvement since going to the classes, I wish I'd have known about the classes sooner!

    thumb Danielle Williams

    5 star review  As a guy joining a class on my own, I felt a bit intimidated but having suffered with my back when running, I was willing to give anything a try! Anna was brilliant and immediately put me at ease and I was not the only bloke in the class to my relief. The exercises on the runner/cycling sessions are perfect for me. There are options to increase the level if you fancy a challenge (or not if you struggle just standing on one foot like me in first few sessions �). Nothing is meant to be painful and Anna gives you tips or alternatives if the exercise is a problem for you. The introduction of the 1kg green balls last night was a good variation too. Highly recommended!

    thumb Chris Openshaw

    5 star review  I had been suffering with constant sciatica from my back condition for years.... I say "had" as only after 3 months of Pilates under Anna's tuition that constant nagging ache has gone!...... Pilates has not only improved my core strength and posture it had made me a much happier person from not being in constant pain...... Anna's classes are friendly and different every time and her calm relaxing manner makes me look forward to Thursday evening every week. Thank-You Anna x

    thumb Janet Corbett

    5 star review  The classes are really relaxed and comfortable. Anna gives you more challenging versions of moves if you want to progress or she finds alternatives moves if you can't manage them. She makes sure you're doing it properly and I can really feel it working after just a few classes.

    thumb Lucy Bore

    5 star review  Fantastic physio run Pilate's classes.....turn up with an ache or pain and exercises can be tailored to suit....overall a great class

    thumb Mark Darley

    5 star review  I really enjoy Anna's classes. I'm pregnant and suffering from sciatica and PGP, but I want to remain as active as I can. There isn't much I can do without experiencing pain. However I'm confident when attending Anna's class that she's aware of my limitations and that the exercises will be appropriate for me. I look forward to attending each week and know it is doing me good.

    thumb Helen Ribbons

    5 star review  I have been going to the Pilates classes for a few months now and they are fantastic! I have a problem with my lower back and the classes are really helping me strengthen my core and stay mobile!

    thumb Michelle McGeorge

    5 star review  Have only been going to Anna's class for 4 weeks, I can already feel improvement in my posture and my lower back.

    thumb Natasha Apps

    positive review  I suffer with fibromyalgia and it has helped me so much. Anna adapts her Pilates to all needs, so good for all !! I've been going for a year and my core strength has improved massively. wish I'd done it years ago !

    thumb Dionne Mears

    5 star review  I have been attending Anna's Pilates classes now for quite some time and I absolutely love them! She is outstanding and always supports you with your learning. She has made my core and back super strong which is so important to me as a triathlete! Thank you so much!

    thumb Jennie Page